Land Base: Knowledge Keepers share and pass on their skills and knowledge
As time goes on, technology evolves, the craftsmanship remains the best as Knowledge Keepers teach the young ones the beauty of preparing traditionally, like the elders have taught them before. Perfection is required, and appreciation grows and grows as time and patience are needed when tanning and preparing hides. Continuous scraping/cleaning, stretching, soaking, and ringing of hides for preparation to be made into tipis, clothing, cooking, storing, and accessories.
Kevin Tait, Land Base Supervisor, “I love showing the young gunz how to do things the right way. The way my great-grandparents taught my grandparents, grandparents taught my parents, and my parents taught me.”
Thank you to all the knowledge keepers for passing on their knowledge to the younger generation and allowing our Cree culture to thrive.