NCN Land Base Program

Returning to Traditional Ways

The Land Base Program provides an opportunity for young people to gain traditional skills and to return to a relationship with the lands and waters of NCN. An important component is mentorship from instructors, who are local Elders. Their guidance includes cultural teachings and soft skills, such as responsibility, decision-making and discipline.

Participants spend time at the Land Base Cabin, and at Mile 35, Baldock Lake, Leftrook, and other local sites. They gain experience on trails throughout NCN on sled and foot, and learn about outdoor safety and survival in all activities.

The Land Base Program follows a curriculum that is guided by nature’s seasons. Some of its annual activities include snowshoe making; catching, preparing and smoking fish; hunting, trapping and tanning hides; arts and crafts such as dreamcatchers, drums, rattles and birch baskets; medicine and berry picking; harvesting chaga; sundance, sweats, and smudging. Cree language is introduced and encouraged as it relates to activities.

Land Base Calendar of Events

January – Snow shoemaking, Harvesting Birch Trees
FebruaryHide Tanning, Harvest Diamond Willow
MarchNet Setting, Preparing Fish, Smoke Fish, Lakes, Barnes: Fillets, ROE: Pike, Harding: Pickerel, Leftrook: White Fish, Rabbit Snaring, Hunt Big/Small Game, Arts & Crafts, Dream Catchers, Wooden -Spoon/Fork, Birch Baskets
AprilDuck & Goose Hunting
MayDuck & Goose Hunting
JuneFamily Camps, Setting up camp, Mile 35  -Sundance  -Setting up camp, Wood -Sweat, Campers, Rocks  -Sweat
JulyLeftrook Lake, Family Camps, Counselling Group, Arts & Crafts  -Family, Net Setting, Preparing Fish, Fillets, Smoke Fish, Medicine Picking
AugustBerry Picking, Harvest, Blue Berries, Cran Berries, Rocks for Sweat, Raspberries, Jam Making, Hauling Wood, Popular Tree, Spruce Tree For Cabin
OctoberFall Hunting, Big Game Moose, Preparing Meat, Smoke Meat, Hide Preparing, Hauling Wood, Popular Tree, Sweat, Spruce Tree Cabin, Trapping
DecemberNet Setting, Preparing Fish, Smoke Fish, Fillets, Snowshoe Making, Arts & Crafts  -Birch Baskets, Wooden Spoon & Fork