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Featured Story

Gaining Land Based Skills

A young NCN Citizen is participating in the FCWC Employment Opportunity Growth Program and loving it.

Peyton Linklater is working in the Land Base Department, where his tasks include trapping, fishing, hunting, medicine picking, outdoor safety and more.

“When I first started I did not know how to do any land-base tasks,” posted Peyton on the FCWC Facebook page. “Now I can skin a rabbit, fillet fish, set snares and traps, and prepare traditional medicine and the sweat lodge. I also know how to smoke fish and make fish pemmican.”

Peyton spends his time at the FCWC Land Base Cabin, beside the NNCEA building, and also at Mile 35, Baldock, and Lefttrook.

He is also learning the Cree language, traditional crafting, culture and learning to live off the land. He is looking forward to hunting his first moose.

“My mentors look out for me, and I am learning how to look out for other people. They want what’s best for the team and to make sure we are good men and women,” says Peyton. “I am hoping this encourages you!”

To learn more about this program, which assists with the transition from social assistance to the work field, call the Family and Community Wellness Centre at 204-484-2341.


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Read the October 2021 issue of Mithomahcihowin