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Bachelor of Social Work 13 New Grads

After six years of part time study to obtain a Bachelor of Social Work degree through the University of Manitoba’s Northern Social Work Program, we are pleased to announce and congratulate thirteen of our FCWC employees in their academic achievement. We acknowledge that this journey has been challenging and that all students at one time or another have had to make difficult choices, family sacrifices, and deep soul searching, so for this, we are grateful and commend their unwavering commitment and dedication to themselves and our agency.

Their success is attributed not only to their personal volition, but from the comradery that was cultivated among the cohort. The study and tutoring sessions, along with student mentorships played an integral part in course attainment throughout the years. It is through this collective collaboration that this group has triumphed. Their academic journey has provided all of them with the knowledge base to be good Social Workers, and now they must challenge themselves to strive for greatness by promoting the respect for the inherent dignity and worth of all persons, pursuing social justice, providing service to humanity, and practicing integrity, confidentiality and competence in their Social Work. I know they will all exceed all of our expectations and I wish them well.

Our (13) graduates will virtually attend University of Manitoba’s October 22nd Convocation.

Family & Community Wellness Centre’s Bachelor of Social Work Graduates are:

  • Dawn Dumas, Valedictorian
  • Eleanor Dumas
  • Charlene Kobliski
  • Bonnie Linklater
  • Melody Linklater
  • Brenda Macumber
  • Florette Moore
  • May Mossip
  • Mary Parisien
  • Melanie Peterson
  • Barbara Pike
  • Kimberly Spence
  • Carl Young


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Read the October 2020 issue of Mithomahcihowin