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Beautiful Art from FCWC Colleague

Elizabeth Wood has worked at the Family and Community Wellness Centre for four years in the maintenance custodian department.

During her breaks, she can be found focused on her creations, which are often breathtaking illustrations on paper with pen.

Elizabeth grew up in Nelson House, and graduated from NNOC in 2018. She’s been an artist since childhood.

“I always saw my dad, Edgar, and my Uncle John, drawing, so I got interested in it, the pretty colours and the designs,” she says. “I do portraits but it’s hard. Sometimes I draw nature, like trees and sunsets, but often I just make designs. Recently, I started drawing a flower, and I was happy with what came out of it.”

Elizabeth hasn’t tried her hand at sculpture yet, but she does enjoy painting.

Her co-workers are often the recipients of her talent. Last Christmas she made her own holiday snowmen cards, which people loved.

She’s even sold a few pieces,bringing her art into the FCWC on payday.

If you’d like to see more of her work, search Elizabeth Wood on Facebook.

Read the June 2022 issue of Mithomahcihowin for the full story.


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Read the June 2022 issue of Mithomahcihowin