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The Year That Was – Wellness Centre Highlights of 2020

The NCN Family and Community Wellness Centre has had another tremendous year, in spite of the pandemic. It’s been the strangest, most difficult year most of us have ever experienced, and it’s interesting to think about how we will look back on this time.

As of right now, our entire community has prioritized the health and safety of our Citizens, and we’ve kept COVID-19 out of Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation. This is a huge accomplishment, and while we must keep making the right choices, let’s take a moment to celebrate!

Here are some highlights of the last year at the FCWC.

Dealing with COVID-19
Our professionals have worked harder than ever, under stressful conditions. Management has made quick, difficult decisions to care for clients in the best way possible. Some programs have stopped running, and others have implemented changes to continue to operate as essential services.

With financial help from NCN Chief and Council, we were able to deliver emergency supplies to FCWC clients of all ages, ranging from Elders to infants. These items included basic food items and cleaning supplies.

New Wellness Guide
To make everyone in the NCN community aware of everything the FCWC can do for families and their holistic health, we published our first Wellness Guide. It’s an overview of every program and service we offer to care for your body, mind and spirit. You’ll find all the incredible resources that are available to you, right here at home, free of charge, to improve all areas of your life.

New Sports League
We created a new division in the FCWC organization, the NCN Wellness Sports Association (NCNWSA). It was created to to encourage physical health, but there are other great benefits including positive activity, reduced anxiety and increased confidence, self-esteem and leadership. This first year, our sports coordinator Jon Walker put together soccer practices for kids 4 and up, and started a co-ed basketball league. Future plans include ball hockey and basketball leagues, so plan to get involved! There’s no charge to play.

New FCWC Newsletter
The FCWC is a thriving place with so many programs and services that it can be hard to keep up! This is the second issue of the Mithomahcihowin newsletter, which comes out every other
month and is full of exciting news and successes. It’s important for our community to see the progress our Citizens can make when they take control of all parts of their holistic health. We are honoured to be part of the process.

Other new programs have been developed at the Centre to improve overall Wellness for all Citizens. We encourage you to see what’s been happening at the Centre.


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Read the December 2020 issue of Mithomahcihowin