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Are You Prepared in Case of Emergency?

Each year it seems that our weather extremes are becoming more of the norm. Adding to this are other factors which create additional stress to our everyday lives. From the pandemic to violence in the community, to smoke from wildfires to power outages…we seem to be constantly asked to be alert. The community may evacuate or stay in place. Is it safe to go outside?

Planning for situations that may require you to either evacuate or stay home for an extended period without being able to go outside can be difficult. Ideally, you should always have a “to-go” bag which contains a couple of items of clothing, a couple of canned goods, botled water, copies of your important documents like licenses and birth certificates, as well as any medications that you regularly take. Include a written copy of key contacts. All too often we rely on our phones to connect with someone, and with a contact name, we naturally forget phone numbers. Having a writen copy of the names and phone numbers will be valuable, should your phone not be available or working. There will always be additional items that you can add to the bag, and you should pack accordingly. Once you have your bag packed, review it monthly to see if anything needs to be changed out or added.

The most important component of preparation are traditional medicines.These are often overlooked, especially when an evacuation occurs. This is due in part to the fact that evacuations are managed by outside agencies, like the Canadian Red Cross.

To assist in the preparedness of a “to-go” bag, look for a workshop to be held at the Wellness Centre in September.

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Read the August 2023 issue of Mithomahcihowin