November 2015 – Nelson House Manitoba

Over 100 Citizens and guests were in attendance on November 3, 2015 at the NCN Family and Community Wellness Centre’s Annual General Meeting. Management presented highlights and accomplishments of the past year and focused on their goals for the upcoming year. Supper was provided and prizes were handed out including paintings, carvings, a large screen television and tickets to the Grey Cup.

The evening began with an opening prayer by Reverend Nelson Hart followed by presentations from CEO Felix Walker; Director of Operations, Irwin Smith; Sharonne Hastings; Harmony Dumas, Wecihitowin Project Manager and Lynda Wright, Director of Health. A special acknowledgment was also given to the RCMP Cadet Program and touched on important plans for the Centre’s future.

Cadets salute the RCMP
“Although in the past year we had faced several obstacles and difficult challenges, we have found new and innovative ways to approach concerns in our community. We hope to build on many of the things we have done to date,” said Felix Walker.

Plans to Provide Better Care for Citizens

According to Walker, improving CFS numbers and getting medical receiving homes in Winnipeg are only a couple of the main areas of focus. The CEO hopes to reduce the cost for Citizens travelling to Winnipeg and to provide safe, cost-effective environments for them to stay.

The Centre is also finding ways to operate more medical and health services in the community by growing the role of nurses and introducing more health professionals. This would allow NCN to take on diagnosis and prescription of medications and services like pharmacy, optometry and dentistry.

In addition to these major goals, the Centre will be working on expanding on existing strengths, programs and services offered. They are looking at the possibility of building new homes in Nelson House – to be used as safe houses for women and children or to provide additional facilities for programming or temporary care residents for Children in Care.

Currently the Wellness Centre provides the following: Child and Family Services, Wecihitowin project, Removal of Parent Program, NCN Community Youth Cree Court, Immunizations/Vaccinations, Diabetes Program, Maternal Child Health Program, STAR FASD Program, Medical Transportation, Nursing Station, Home and Community Care, Counselling Services and Family Enhancement, Family Enhancement Program, Rediscovery of Families, Circle of Care, Kehtiyatisak Project, Dreamcatchers Headstart and Jean McDonald Treasures of Hope Day Care Centre programs, as well as the Fitness Centre.

Key Accomplishments from the Past Year

Financially in 2014-2015, the Centre received just over $22.3 million in revenue and expended just under $21.5 million in core operations and programs, resulting in an $828,694 surplus.
Accumulated surplus for the Centre currently sits at just over $4.1 million. The surplus is created by the Federal CFS activities. The report for last year showed a record reduction in the
number of CFS children in care, largely due to the Wecihitowin project in Thompson and the Removal of Parent Program in Nelson House.

Strategic Plans and work plans will be done next year for all programs to help improve results further, however the Centre was pleased to see increased participation for many programs
and proud to present the strides made and recognition being given to the NCN Youth Cree Court initiative. The Court held successful mock trials before attendees, Manitoba Premier Selinger and Manitoba cabinet members.

Among the statistics for the year, medical transportation operated four runs weekly to Thompson – serving over 40-50 people. Nearly 10,000 trips were made for local or out-of-town medical appointments by truck, van and aircraft.

Many Citizens at the meeting also had a chance to see the photo history wall of NCN past Chiefs now on display at the Centre.

The Centre continues to deal with community crisis and major issues. Citizens are affected by incidences of violence, neglect, drugs and alcohol abuse, sexual abuse and suicide attempts
that have become a part of their daily lives. The Centre will continue to look at new ways to support families and to develop effective and meaningful community-based services. Citizens were openly asked for guidance – to be there to listen and to share ideas as the Centre moves forward with plans.