June 12th-15th, 2023 at Mile 35 Northwest

Hosted by the Family and Community Wellness Centre

The culture camp will deliver a number of health and wellness sessions to better meet the wellbeing needs of our family and community. These sessions will include topics such as health, wellness, ceremonies, outdoor cooking and art therapy.

The camp will be a safe and supportive environment for participants to explore their wellbeing in a cultural setting and spiritual connection to the land. There will also be opportunities for participants to practice selfcare and develop self-confidence.


People are welcome to camp out breakfast & supper for campers only daily lunches for all participants at the cook shack.


  • If you need a ride to set up camping gear, please call Edith at the wellness centre @ 204484-2341;
  • For Community Transportation; there will pick up and drop off at the arena, you will need to go to the arena 9:00 am daily for a ride.
  • For Dog Point and RC Point area please wait at roadside turnoffs.
  • If you are needing a ride from Thompson to Campsite, please contact the Weechitowin Office:Vezna or Peter @ 204-778-1960


Everyone has to bring a gift to give away to show thanks and appreciation for the people who participated and facilitators. It can be used cloths or items you don’t need and would like to honour someone during the giveaway ceremony.