Expired on: Mar 13, 2024

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY (1) Full-time Permanent Position Available

Position Title: Senior Information Technologist (IT)

Location: Nelson House Head Office


The information technologist reports to the Director of Human Resource and provides essential services to all FCWC Sub-Offices. Must be a qualified professional in charge of designing, implementing, managing and supporting a variety of IT system components. IT focuses and specializes in software, computer hardware, databases, security systems or communication networks. IT ensures that the organization has efficient and up-to-date technology to facilitate the continuous flow of information data. The IT also creates and shares security standards to secure the networks they manage.

Demonstrated Skills & Abilities:

  • Assisting in the installation, testing and maintenance of various computer systems, software, hardware, communication networks and other devices
  • Creating databases for data storage
  • Conducting frequent database audits
  • Monitoring and supervising data migrations
  • Planning and organizing network security settings, user rights and authorization and system firewalls
  • Coming up with new strategies, methods and procedures to improve technical efficiency levels
  • In charge of establishing and configuring computer networks in all FCWC Offices
  • Responsible for system security and troubleshooting if a problem develops
  • IT department may design and enforce rules and practices that ensure effective IT systems that are run in accordance with the demands of a company
  • IT department is in charge of maintaining the firm’s computers and providing staff assistance
  • Installing new software, diagnosing issues and teaching staff how to use a software product properly.
  • In charge of configuring and maintaining the company’s IT equipment, such as phone systems, personal computers, laptops, routers and servers.
  • Creating dependable data retrieval techniques and backing up data on servers
  • Troubleshooting and debugging system faults
  • Offering technical assistance and support to users


  • Proven experience as IT Technician or relevant
  • Willing to travel to engage in ongoing training
  • Excellent diagnostic and problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong understanding of diverse computer systems and networks
  • Good knowledge of internet security and data privacy principles
  • Certification as IT Technician will be an advantage
  • A valid Manitoba’s Driver’s License would be an asset
  • A criminal record check and Child Abuse Registry is a requirement of all FCWC positions

Salary:   Starting at $69,505.00

Closing date:  March 12, 2024

Submit all Applications to:
Anna Nadine Spence
Director of Human Resource
NCN Family & Community Wellness Centre Inc.
Nelson House, MB R0B 1A0
Phone:  204-484-2341
Fax:  204-484-2351

Sorry! This job has expired.