NCN Three Rivers Store Shopping Order List

Step 1. To order from the online grocery shopping list, please ensure you fill in your contact information (phone, name, address, etc.)

Step 2. Select/check the items you wish to order/purchase.

Step 3. Your order will be confirmed by phone call or email by the Three Rivers Store. (Please be available to supply e-transfer or other payment when contacted.)

Step 4. Follow the instructions for pickup or delivery provided by the Three Rivers Store Coordinator.

Select the Groceries You Want from the List

If you have questions about your order, please contact the main line: 204-484-2135


Malcolm Hunter: 204-939-4042

John Paul Primrose: 204-307-0934

Mervin Bonner: 204-670-4895

Drivers for Elders and Individuals with Disabilities: Eddy & Melfina Primrose – 204-679-4248